Are you sick and tired of all the SEO Work & Huge Sums of Money you have been spending on trying to get your sites ranked in google but are barely making it or getting there and finding it difficult to stay there?

Are you sick of all the Google Animal Updates and wished you were in the SAFE Zone and you never got penalized again and give google exactly what they are looking for?

Do you wonder how your Competitors Get Top Positions in Google for all your keywords and stay there while you do everything and still cant even make it to the first page?

Do you already have blogs ranking in the search engines but you want to rank for more Competitive Keywords and get more targeted traffic and earn MORE MONEY?

If your answer is HELL YEAH to any of those questions then I have some good news for you because this is exactly the kind of plugin you need..

This SEO Plugin is developed with the latest SERP technology in mind and will rank your new or old sites on the top of google and get you tons of targeted visitors.

Jason Made £50K in 4 Months using the Ninja

Jason The Accountant’s Story

Jason Neyller an Account from UK and one of the many thousands of people using this plugin experienced the amazing SEO benefits of this plugin. In fact Jason added more than 50K pounds from November 2012 to February 2013 to his Accounting firm in the UK, by Dominating the First Page of Google and he credits all his Ranking success to the WP SEO Ninja, If an Accountant can achieve this then so can you. This is what Jason thinks about the Ninja

It is easy to use

The Ninja is a Sime and Easy to use SEO plugin

Search Engines Love it

Ninja Gives the Search Engines what they want

6 in 1 SEO Plugin

You definitely don’t need another SEO Plugin once you install the Ninja

Amazing support

One of the best plugin support experience you will ever experience

Build SEO Friendly Sites that the Search Engines Will RANK

With These SUPER 6 Features that are Simple, Easy, and designed to Get TOP Rankings.

  • Ninja Optimizer & Video SEO

    Ninja Optimizer & Video SEO

    Optimize your Content & Videos Using 24 Optimization Criteria To Get TOP Rankings

  • Ninja Rank Checker

    Ninja Rank Checker

    Tacks the Rankings of All the Incoming Keywords from Google and Bing

  • Ninja Autotagger

    Ninja Autotagger

    Auto tags your Post and Pages with all the in coming Search terms

  • Ninja Syndicator

    Ninja Syndicator

    Auto Syndicates your content to the different Web 2.0 Properties to Index your content and get instant backlinks

  • Ninja Authorship

    Ninja Authorship

    Become a Google approved Author in minutes with a click of a few buttons

  • Ninja Sitemaps

    Ninja Sitemaps

    Create nice looking HTML, XML, Images and Video Sitemaps

The Best 6 in 1 SEO Plugin

The WP SEO Ninja 2.0 Is a one stop SEO plugin you, its optimizes your content, checks rnkings for your keywords, indexes your content, ranks your videos and lots more

Instant Optimization

Guied You to Optimize your content for the Search Engines

Checks Rankings

Checks ranking for all your incoming Keywords

Auto Tags Content

Auto tags your Post and Pages with incoming keywords

Syndicates Your Content

Gets your content indexed and also gets backlinks

Google Author

Instantly become a Google Author

Creates Site Maps

Creates HTML, XML, Image & Video Sitemaps

What The SEO Ninja Can Do



“Since using your plugin I have WIPED OUT the competition, completely ANNIHILATED them. They are still trying to figure out what just happened and how I did it! We have many other sites we use the plugin on but is the main one and I can hand on heart say that we took £50K of new business between Nov 11 and Feb 12 due to this plugin alone..”

Great support. We will help you!

Our customer service won’t leave you alone

If there is anything we can help you with, please let us know. Whether you have discovered a problem or are stuck anywhere, we are always happy to help out and point you into the right direction.

  • We try and respond to all customer tickets in 24-48 hours,
  • We have provided support for this plugin for more that a year and a half now
  • We have a dedicated team to answer you support quaries
  • You get free support and unlimited updates for 1 year from the date of purchase.
  • We Provide you with detailed traininh in the members area on how to use the plugin
  • We will give you the best user experience

All you have to do is sign up below and Download the WP SEO Ninja 2.0 watch the tutorial videos and use the plugin.

Download The Best 6 in 1 SEO Plugin



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    • I’ve been testing and playing with this all day The net result is that this is one of the best plugin values because it’s providing the functionality of multiple apps for one single unlimited price. Very impressed, it’s certainly something that I’ll be using myself past this point. Two thumbs up for sure.
      Craig Mako
      Fast Attack Solutions
    • There are TONS of these seo plugins out there right now and I mean tons for every different price point. Of every plugin I’ve seen, none offer the features and the value you get with WP SEO Ninja, not even my plugin, it’s tough to say but it’s true. it’s worth every penny
      Dylan K
    • I am recommending this investment to ANYONE with a WP blog as part of their SEO ranking, traffic & list building strategies we all must have . Also backing up the forum statements by Craig RC & Dylan K !! Looking forward to implementing the application & the getting results.
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